Saturday, August 12, 2017

College Football: Season Preview: The College Football Playoff and New Year's Six Bowl Games

After looking at the various conferences this is how I see the final rankings:

College Football Playoff seedings:
Ohio State
Florida State
Big Six Bowl participants:
(Ranked by final ranking)
8  USC
10  South Florida
11  Penn State
12 Texas

Given that, this is how I see the bowls being seeded:

Rose Bowl:
2 Ohio State vs 3 Washington
Sugar Bowl
1 Albama vs. 4 Florida State
Peach Bowl
Georgia vs. Penn State
Fiesta Bowl
Clemson vs. LSU
Cotton Bowl
Texas vs South Florida
Orange Bowl:
USC vs. OU

This actually works out OK.  The Cotton Bowl gets the last pick so they will be stuck with South Florida, but they will have the option to pick Texas which should ensure them a sell-out.  Georgia and Penn State in the Peach Bowl sets up a tasty SEC/B1G matchup and Clemson vs LSU sets up an ACC/SEC game for everyone.  This leaves the Orange Bowl which gives us a battle of Blue Bloods.

The team with the biggest gripe is going to be Wisconsin.  IF they beat Michigan they would take Penn State's place and then the latter would have the biggest grip to make.  I could see a slim scenario where Louisville takes Georgia's place but I think you're more likely to see two teams from the SEC/Big XII (since the latter is not in the CFP) than you are the ACC with two.  

For the Playoffs I see it as follows:

Pretty simple: Alabama beats Florida State and Ohio State beats Washington.

College Football Playoff Championship Game
1. Alabama vs. 2. Ohio State
Champion:  Ohio State University

So, that's it then.  As a Michigan fan I see Ohio State winning the College Football Playoff and the de-facto National Title.  This keeps alive the fact that only 4 coaches currently active in College Football have won the darn thing.

Will the season end up like I have predicted?  Certainly not.  Because each and every week we see upsets and there are teams that are going to both underperform and overachieve.

But this is how I see it.  Your mileage may vary.

Let's kick-off already!!!

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