Monday, September 11, 2017

College Football Recap: It was a GREAT day.

As a Public Service: We are still a LONG WAY away from the College Football Playoffs.

As such, a couple of things to remember....

1. Rankings at this point in the season are now, and have always been, useless. 

Where the Sooners are ranked after beating Ohio State, or how far the Buckeyes fell, is of little importance.  We pretty much understand that Alabama is currently viewed as the best team in the country but after that?

2. The SEC had a really bad day.

In fact, outside of Alabama you're going to be hard pressed to find an SEC team that's going to be in with a chance. Auburn is an offensive mess, as is Florida, Georgia looked OK but will get too much credit for beating a mediocre Notre Dame team (and they've lost their QB for the season which will haunt them later). If you take away the Georgia win you have a conference that's going to crow mightily this week about beating lower-tier FBS and FCS teams.

As for the FIVE.

I went 2-2 with one game cancelled on account of Irma.  Given the starting history of my FIVE I'll take it.  Since there were no week one selections due to Harvey, I'm currently batting .500.  Also, on my "Bet the Rent" picks I went 2-0 so life is pretty good right now.

Let's run-down the picks from last week first....


1. OSU vs USA - I really thought the Jaguars would show up better than they did at home.  Either OSU is much better than I'm giving them credit for or USA is worse.  I'm not sure which.

2. Ohio vs. Purdue - Again, are we living in a world where Purdue is good or is Ohio not as good as we thought?

3. Iowa vs. Iowa State. - El Assico didn't disappoint. It was a great game that Iowa won by three.  If you were smart, and got to the books when I told you to on Wednesday, you got a win. If you waited until game-day you lost because the line drifted to 3.5.  WHEN you bet is just as important as WHERE you bet.  The lines I show are as current as I can make them WHEN I POST.

4. S Florida @ UConn. - Screw you Irma.  Hang in there Florida

5. OU vs. OSU (Also a Bet the Rent pick) - I gave the line at -7, it dropped to around -6 by game time. None of that mattered.

Bet The Rent Picks:

1. OU vs. OSU (see above)

2. Baylor vs. UTSA. - In both of these games I liked the underdogs with the points but suggested that a M/L play could be the way to go. In both cases I was correct.  Two picks, two upsets.  You're welcome if you took advantage.

Other games....

Cincinnati @ Michigan - It wasn't pretty, but it was a win. But in the end Cincy did score more than I thought they would and that Wolverine offense continues to struggle. Still #GoBlue and Rashan Gary is a damn beast.

The Desert Rug Rats @ Idaho - A great bounce-back game for UNLV after the embarrassment against Howard.  This was the UNLV team I expected to see.

Houston @ Arizona - A win and cover for a UH team that made a lot of mistakes, but still showed that there's a ton of talent there.  Ed Oliver is a damn beast.

Louisville @ UNC - The Tar Heels are bad, Lamar Jackson is good.  End of story.

TCU @ Arkansas - The Fire Bert rumblings are already starting despite the fact there's no way, short of scandal, the university can afford to let him go.  Statement win for the Horned Frogs over a Razorback program that appears to be in decline.

Stanford @ USC - The Trojans did what I expected the Trojans would do over a Stanford program that I also feel is in decline.

SDSU @ Arizona State - Good win for the Aztecs (I called the upset) and Todd Graham is still a douchebag. (granted, one who will probably be out of a job after this season.)  On another note: Have you seen the new ASU facilities?  Wow.

BYU @ Utah: - It was a dumb, glorious Holy War won by Utah and one that left BYU fans scratching their heads, as I predicted would happen pre-season.  BYU is in a rough stretch and might not win a game until late October.

Boise State @ Wazzu - This game ended at 3AM ET on Sunday morning.  If you stayed awake you witnessed one of the best games of the day.  It was a 3 OT marvel that is everything great about the college game.  You inject games like this straight into your veins and still carry it around like a hang-over into Sunday.

All in all a magnificent start to the College football season that's got me already anticipating the Thursday games, and a slug-fest next Saturday that could be one of the better games of the season.  More coming on Wednesday and Thursday.

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