Thursday, September 7, 2017

College Football Week 2: Deeper than week one, without the BEST MATCHUP EVER.

ESPN, as they do, spent a lot of time and effort hyping the week 1 tie between Alabama and Florida State as the BEST GAME EVER.

Of course, it was somewhat of a bust.  Alabama and Nick Saban seem to always make them so.

This week however Alabama is playing a cupcake so we're free to focus on some actual games that might turn out to be OK. Similar to the Sunday and Monday gems that college football provided.

So without further ado, let's take a look at a sampling of the best games as well as some games from teams I root for.

Memphis at UCF (-3) T: 69 - Part of me really likes Memphis here. I think UCF had a solid, if not spectacular, win last week but I don't see them prevailing over a solid Memphis team that has an outside shot at the AAC championship.

Louisville (-10) at UNC T: 62.5 - Put this on my "almost made the five" list as I think Louisville, with a game under their feet, will play much better and will roll.  UNC is replacing a LOT.

Western Michigan @ Michigan State (-7) T: 50 - To be honest, I'm not sure Michigan State's god-awful offense is going to be able to score 7 on Western Michigan who, by the way, looked a lot better than people thought they would last week against USC.

TCU (-3.5) @ Arkansas T: 59 - To me this is a "run way" game. Every year I struggle figuring out just how good both of these teams really are and I don't think this game is going to give us much of an idea. That said, I think TCU needs this game worse than Arkansas.

Louisiana at Tulsa (-15) T: 59 - I think the Rajun' Cajun's are going to do some work in this game and keep is closer than the experts think.  I also think Tulsa ran into a buzzsaw of an offense at a difficult place to play last week. In short, I like both teams' prospects this season but I like Tulsa a little bit more to win, but Louisiana a LOT more to cover.

Nebraska at Oregon (13.5) T: 70 - My gut feeling is that Vegas is giving a little too much credit to the Ducks who are going to be better than last year, but not THAT much better.  Nebraska could really use a big win.

Auburn at Clemson (-4.5) T: 53.5 - I stated in my pre-season write-up that I think Auburn is one of the more overrated teams in the country.  We'll find out in this game whether I was right or just sniffing glue when I wrote my SEC write up.

Georgia at Notre Dame (-4.5) T: 57 - Georgia losing Eason is a killer.  An absolute killer. Had he been healthy this is close to a pick'em game and might have been one of the better games of the week.

UTSA at Baylor (-16.5) T: 59.5 - This was ALMOST a FIVE game but I included it in my inaugural submission for the Bet The Rent Newsletter  If you want to see which way I went, go look there. (cheap plug)

Stanford at USC (-6.5) T: 58.5 - Short and sweet: I think USC ROLLS the Cardinal, who I feel are a program in decline.

Utah (-1.5) at BYU T: 46.5 - How can you not include the Holy War in your list of must-watch games of the week.  This could be rough for the Cougars because I think the Utes are going to be pretty good this year.  Plus, the travel schedule has to be starting to weigh on the Cougars.

Boise State at Washington State. (-10) T: 58.5 - I have no idea who's going to cover, but take the over.

San Diego State at Arizona State (-3.5) T: 55 - A non-FIVE upset special. Were I a betting man I'd take the Aztecs on the M/L if I could find it.

"My" teams.

Houston (-1) at Arizona  T: 70 - This will tell us just how far the Cougars have fallen, if any at all. That said, Arizona is not a good football team right now. Rich Rod is probably coaching there in his final season. I would expect the Cougars to cover handily.  If they don't, it's going to be a long year in Houston.

The Desert Rug Rats at Idaho (-6.5) T: 70.5 - Dammit Rebels.  Just when I go and call you underrated and predict you making a bowl game you go and pull a boner against Howard.  Head Coach Tony Sanchez had better hope his team rebounds or his seat is going to be July in Vegas hot.  Still, what the team needs right now are supporters.  I'm buying in.

And finally.....

Cincinnati at Michigan (-34) T: 49 - Arguably the funniest line of the early year when you consider the spread (34) and the total (49).  I think giving Cincinnati 14 points is generous. Michigan should roll against this Bearkats team that is still struggling to rebuild after the program-killing tenure of Tommy Tuberville.  He pretty much destroyed what was a proud program, as he did to Tech TBH.

Go Blue!!!

Oh, and there's some NFL stuff.  Sorry, not interested.

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