Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Week 11 FIVE: Quickly.

Win, Lose or Draw (usually lose) the FIVE continues to chug along.

Last week though was a winner (3-2) which raises our overall record to 16-22-2 such that it is.

I have a new slate of games to get to this week so let's get to it.

1. Duke (-3) @ Army. T: 48

I'm a big believer in the Black Knights this year and Duke seems to be struggling since they got broken by Miami. This is one of those where everyone might think Army is the better team, but the betting is going to go the way of the Blue Devils. Take advantage of that. Pick: Army to win on the M/L

2. Arkansas @ LSU (-17) T: 56.5

Yes, I know that Arkansas has looked like crap of late but LSU is coming off of Alabama and teams the week after playing Bama are.....not good.  Pick: Arkansas to cover -17

3. Florida @ South Carolina (-7) T: 45.5

Speaking of broken, have you seen the Gators of late?  Pick: South Carolina to cover -7.

4. Michigan State @ Ohio State (-15.5) T: 55.5

The easy play is that a pissed off Ohio State team is going to come out and whup up on Sparty at home.  The problem with that thinking?  1. I don't think Ohio State is that good and 2. I don't think Sparty is that bad. Pick: Michigan State to cover +15.5

5. Washington State (-1) @ Utah.  T: 52

Utah has questions as to whether it can score and who knows what Wazzu is these days, both of these teams seem different on the road vs. at home.  Utah looked great last week and that's hard to get out of my mind.  Look at Wazzu's last two road games.  Yuck.  Pick: Utah to win on the M/L.

I'll try to do a full write up of what promises to be a really great weekend of football tomorrow.

Maybe, the schedule she be pretty full right now.

Good luck and enjoy the games.

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