Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Week 12 FIVE: Not this week

Sometimes, real life intrudes.

This is one of those weeks as I'm spending a lot more time on the road traveling for business than I would prefer.

As a result the FIVE is taking another week off.  I went 2-3 last week, which was a bummer because I felt really good about all five games.

One thing we do know about this college football season is that we really don't know much at all.

That said, this week is an AWFUL week for college football.  There's literally no game that I consider "must watch" as the SEC is giving us their annual "play a patsy" week and the teams that aren't are playing the bad teams.  The ACC isn't much better, while the Big XII has a couple of mid-card matchups of interest and we MIGHT find out something about Wisconsin.

Were I going to make some plays this week it might be these.....

UAB @ Florida (-11) (No Total Yet)

Florida has fallen apart and UAB is not THAT bad for a group of 5 team returning to the game after a two year hiatus where they shut their program down because the parent school in Tuscaloosa basically torpedoed them.  Pick: UAB to cover +11

Army @ North Texas (-3) (No Total Yet)

It's hard to believe that the oddsmakers and public haven't yet caught up to Army being really good but here we are.  North Texas is pretty good as well, but do you really feel comfortable saying the Mean Green will beat the Black Knights?  I don't.  Pick: Army to win on the M/L

UNLV @ New Mexico (-1) (No Total Yet)

All year I've been banging the drum for UNLV, but it's time to jump off the bandwagon.  They have a good QB, RB and.....not much else. The defense is atrocious and should struggle against the Lobo's triple option. Sorry Desert Rug Rats, but you've lost me.  Pick: New Mexico to cover -1.

And finally.....

Michigan @ Wisconsin (-8) (No Total Yet)

I've been mum on my Wolverines for the last couple of weeks and I think it's time to address some things.  First, the defense is still pretty good, but they've shown that they can tire and be ran over. 2. Harbaugh is still struggling to win big conference games. That's a problem he needs to address. 3. NO his job is not, nor should it be, in jeopardy.  The program is in much better shape now than it was at any point in the last 10 years.  We just need a QB to emerge,  That said I'm afraid that Wisconsin is the real deal and Michigan is going to have some issues with them.  I think the Badgers are underrated on defense and despite the fact that Michigan has shown an offensive pulse since making the QB change, this is too tall a hill to climb. All that said, hope springs eternal.  Pick: Michigan to cover +8

Enjoy the games or, if you're a more level headed person, go watch some college basketball instead.  The two ESPN games on tonight might be a good place to start.

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