Monday, April 23, 2018

NFL 2018: How The Offshore books see it.

More important than the release of the schedules (non-event) or the breathless announcement of the prime-time games (that fewer and fewer are watching) are the official releases of the number lines for win totals for the various NFL teams.

From a strength of schedule standpoint this is a MUCH better option than relying on 2017 team records, as most do.  However, even at this point it's not a perfect system due to the fact that the NFL draft starts on Thursday.

All of that said, here are the O/U win total numbers as first released be the offshore book 5Dimes*.

American Football Conference National Football Conference
East Projection East Projection
New England 11.5 Philadelphia 10.5
Miami 7 Dallas 9
Buffalo 6.5 Washington 7
New York Jets 5 New York Giants 6
North North
Pittsburgh 10.5 Green Bay 10
Baltimore 8.5 Minnesota  9.5
Cincinnati 7 Detroit 8
Cleveland 4.5 Chicago 6.5
South South
Jacksonville 8.5 New Orleans 9.5
Houston 8.5 Atlanta 9
Tennessee 7.5 Carolina 9
Indianapolis Colts 5.5 Tampa Bay 6.5
West West
Kansas City 9 Los Angeles Rams 9.5
Los Angeles Chargers 8 San Francisco 9
Oakland  8 Seattle 9
Denver 7 Arizona 6.5

*On a funny note, when searching for these numbers I ran across this Houston Chronicle article calling these "Las Vegas Lines". They're not, of course, they're from an offshore book. Granted, Las Vegas uses the offshore lines in setting theirs, but we don't really have any "Las Vegas Lines" out yet (at the time of this publication)  It might help getting someone on staff that understands sports wagering before attempting to report on it Chron.

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