Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Shield: The Turkey Day 3 and OUT

Unlike with College Football, I've been treading water in the NFL this year.  This is unusual for me as it's typically the other way around.

This week I'm keying on the 3 Thanksgiving Day games where I think there is opportunity to be found as some things are getting overlooked.

1. Chicago (-4) @ Detroit [45] - Pick: Chicago to COVER -4

The Bears look as if they're starting to round into playoff form, while the Lions are on-again/off-again and struggling to find consistency.  Uh-Oh, the Lions were on last week.  I see this as one of those "You're done eating Turkey and the game is not close so take a nap" kind of games.  Chicago rolls.

2. Washington @ Dallas (-7.5) [40.5] - Pick: Washington to COVER +7.5

OK, I get it, Alex Smith went down last week in a pile of deja vu with a horrific season-ending leg injury that looked as bad as it was.  But they didn't play AWFUL with Colt McCoy in as back-up and their defense is still pretty good.  Last weekend's results notwithstanding this is still a poorly-coached, BAD Dallas Cowboys team that's being ran into the ground by the ego of their owner.

3. Atlana @ New Orleans (-13)  [60] - Pick: New Orleans to COVER -13.

I GET that this is a HUGE line for the NFL. I get that Atlanta will be a desperate team. I get the short week, etc.  And I don't care. The Saints can do something the Rams and Chiefs cannot: Play some defense to go along with all of the points they score.  This is a damn good Saints team. I think we see how good on Thanksgiving evening while we're sneaking around looking for some leftover stuffing.

Game in which I have a rooting interest.

San Francisco @ Tampa Bay (-3.5) [55]

Tampa Bay is a tire-fire on offense right now, and they're throwing the mess that is Famous Jameis back into the fire. Despite all of their injuries the Niners have played well of late, and might even have a chance to pull the upset here.

Enjoy your Turkey, family and the games.  Don't forget to pause for a minute to consider the deeper meaning behind the Holiday.

God Bless.

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