Monday, August 8, 2011


From The Apple Dumpling Gang:
When Chronicle reporter Brian Rogers asked, Daniel gave lots of mealy-mouthed, not-good-enough excuses ("District clerk bailing on court fees, critics say," Page A1, Thursday).
He said he's trying to untangle the fluctuating state law, which was settled back in November. He said he wasn't briefed in depth on the matter until a month ago. And he said he was concerned that raising the fee would have the "unintended consequence" of keeping more people in jail, since bondsmen would pass the cost to their customers.

None of those excuses passes muster. It's the county clerk's job to know the law and enforce it - whether he has qualms or not.

From Matt Bramanti in the comments:
"It's the county clerk's job to know the law and enforce it - whether he has qualms or not."

Whose job is it to know the difference between a county clerk and a district clerk when the editorial board is asleep at the switch?

This story is about the district clerk. But hey, don't let facts get in the way of a good Chron huff.

Disband the editorial board; it does a bad job.

Yes they do. Also, they're a week late and an editorial dollar short (again)

Just shut them down. They're an embarrassment to the City.

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  1. Ans while accusing Chris Daniel of being either incompetent or corrupt, the Chronicle fails to explain why it never looked into the issue when Loren "Walks On Water" Jackson was clerk -- an(D) I for one (D)eman(D) an explanation of the (Disparate coverage and e(D)itorial treatment of the current officeholder and his Democrat pre(D)ecessor.


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