Friday, March 15, 2013

In case you're not thinking about taking advantage of Houston's weather this weekend....

....I give you a few items to ponder.

1. One of the problems the GOP faces is inept leadership. - Not only was McConnell stupid to make the "Golden Girls" statement, but it invites the "Angry White Men" response that the media will make hey with.

2. A second problem for the GOP is the side-show. - When party loyalists finally figure out that many of their so-called "pundits" are simply in it for personal gain (See: Hannity, Limbaugh, Josh Trevino etc.) then maybe they can free themselves from the Republican noise machine and it's embarrassing episodes.

3. Since the end of January, Paul Burka (the "Dean" of Texas' Lock Step Political Media) has gone from "Perry is done" to "Governor for Life" to "Perry is done" (again). During this same time he's attempted to redefine fiscal conservatism in a manner consistent with his Statist leanings, he's blown the analysis on the 2014 race for US Senate, he's continued to fan the flames on his poorly sourced, and unverified rumor that UT-Austin's Powers is about to be fired, he's joined the progressive herd in heaping praise on State Sen. Eltife, he's reported incorrectly (and inaccurately) on the politics of Medicare expansion and he's been a day late and a dollar short (providing neither insight or meaningful analysis) on a host of issues and yet, for many, he's still the go-to guy for political analysis in Texas.

4. DNA Dog Testing is a real thing.

5. Legitimate, business reporting outfits are running stories on Mila Kunis and where she invests.

6. ChronBlog is launching a "new" blog just for Baby Boomers.

7. The ponytailed man is telling us that the feds are now studying high-speed rail from OKC to Brownsville. - Of course, this has both the train-love and train-hate crowds in an uproar. If you want to lose some faith in the human race go look at the comment by user Peter whose high-sounding use of "facts" are really just non-sequiters and his opinions thrown in for good measure.

Now, if none of the above convinces you to turn off your TV sets and internets this weekend and get out and enjoy the beautiful weather I'm not sure what will.

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