Saturday, March 16, 2013

Still more negative potrayals of women on ChronBlog

Last weekend we discussed the hypocritical lecturing by the womynists at ChronBlog who constantly gripe how bad men are making it for women all the while running an entertainment/lifestyle section that frequently depicts women in an unflattering light all in the name of page views.

There's still more evidence of that on a recent Spring Break pictorial on

What are women doing during Spring break?

According to ChronBlog they're taking off their clothes in a very public manner and partying hard.

And what are the men doing?

Well, in the same pictorial we see them building houses for charity and just being all-around good guys, hanging out, causing no problems at all.

I'm not suggesting that either sex has an advantage over the other when it comes to doing good work during Spring Break, or a disadvantage when it comes to partying down in various stages of undress.  It's Spring break for goodness sakes, and they are young adults who are out having a good time.

But again, before the good folks at ChronBlog lecture all of the rest of us about our deeply held cultural misogyny could we at least have a moment of introspection?

That's all I'm asking.

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