Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Week Nine FIVE and the Week Eight Three and OUT

A rare combined post. Due to real life scheduling I have a limited amount of time this week.  So here are both presented with no comment.  Sorry.

The Week Nine FIVE

1. Ball State @ Ohio (-10) - Pick: Ohio to cover -10

2. Baylor @ West Virginia (-14) - Pick: West Virginia to cover -14

3. App State (-8) @ Georgia Southern - Pick: Appalachian State to cover -8

4. Wake Forest @ Louisville (-2.5) - Pick: Wake Forest to win on the ML

5. Texas A&M @ Mississippi State (-2.5) - Pick: Texas A&M to win on the ML

The NFL Three and OUT

1. Philadelphia (-3) @ Jacksonville - Pick: Philadelphia to cover -3

2. Broncos @ Chiefs (-9) - Pick: Chiefs to cover -9

3. Saints @ Vikings (-2.5) - Pick: Vikings to cover -2.5

Since I'm picking so early the service that I use for lines (ESPN) is not showing the over/under totals for most of the games yet so I'm not picking against any this week.  This will make it harder to have a winning week because I LOVE total bets more than point spread ones.  Going forward there will be a lot more of the former coming than the latter.

Enjoy the games, see you next week.

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