Thursday, November 1, 2018

The Week 10 FIVE and the Week 9 Three and OUT

Coming back from an extended birthday weekend in Vegas I've got even less time to post this week than I did last.  Add to that the 2018 Breeder's Cup (more on that later) and you get the short, short version of weekly football picks this week.

The Week 10 FIVE:

Last weeks' results: 3-2. Season Results (19-25-1) [.4222222]

1. Ohio (-2.5) @ Western Michigan [65.5]  - Pick: Ohio To COVER -2.5

2. Oklahoma State (-8) @ Baylor [68] - Pick: Ok State to COVER -8

3. Houston (-13.5) @ SMU [72] - Pick: Houston to COVER -13.5

4. Air Force @ Army (-7) [43] -  Pick: Army to COVER -7

5. Georgia Tech (-6.5) @ UNC [62.5] - Pick: UNDER 62.5

Games in which I have a rooting Interest:

Fresno State (-26) @ UNLV [60] - Any way you slice it UNLV's season is all but done. Fresno State is just going to put the final nail in the coffin.

Penn State @ Michigan (-10.5) [52.5]  - Huge game for a Wolverine's team that needs to make a statement at home against a Penn State team that's not near as good as we thought at the beginning of the year.

NFL Three and OUT

Last week's results: 1-2  Season total: 11-13 (.458)

1. Tampa Bay @ Carolina (-6.5) [54.5] - Pick: Carolina to COVER -6.5

2. Kansas City (-8.5) @ Cleveland [51.5] - Pick: Kansas City to COVER -8.5

3. Houston @ Denver (-1) [46.5] - Pick: Houston to WIN on the ML

Game in which I have a rooting interest:

Oakland @ San Francisco (-3) [46] - An ugly game between two teams having rough years and which might have a say in who gets the first pick in the draft.  San Francisco could be starting Nick Mullens at QB.  Ugh.

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